What is Privatize?

Development of Privatize’s pre-product landing page

Online communities — since the beginning of the internet people from all over the world have connected and rallied behind things they both support and have a common interest in. Transcending traditional geographic boundaries, anyone with internet access today can find a group of people that share the same niche, no matter how small.

In recent times the Covid-19 pandemic has made connecting with others online a daily part of so many of our lives. Discord (a platform for chatting with others online in communities called “servers”) saw impressive growth in 2020 totaling 100M active monthly users (up from 56M in 2019) . Even after we’ve seen pandemic restrictions lifted in many parts of the world, these online communities have continued growing and remain an important part of daily life for many.

Discord has amazing community creation and management features that many fully utilize to its limits to accomplish a variety of needs, and it’s clear that users love using it as well. However Discord and many similar platforms still lack a certain feature set that several leaders of these communities are looking for.

-Enter Privatize-

Features like community monetization, license & token based memberships, and removing the technical setup boundaries required are just a few features that Privatize is working on to enable for platforms like Discord that users already use and love.

With an expected launch in Q2 2022, we’re already underway with the development required to bring these features to the market. We hope that with these features, the growth and evolution of online communities continues to push to become a space with increased opportunities and a reduced barrier to entry for all.

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Attempting to create products people love

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Wyatt Schulte

Wyatt Schulte

Attempting to create products people love

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